pintura caganer

Caganer Experience

Get to know the Catalan tradition of the Caganer

Today we present you a different activity to do in L’Estartit during your stay at Sa Gavina Apartments at this time of the year. We invite you to learn more about the Catalan tradition of the Caganer and to participate in a different painting workshop.

Do you know what the Caganer is?

When we talk about the Caganer we are talking about a typical figure of the Catalan Christmas tradition. It is a figure that is placed in a more or less hidden nativity scene, made of different materials such as porcelain or clay, of a man doing his business in the open air.

Caganer Experience is a family business that has been handcrafting popular clay caganers, one by one and handmade, since 1992. Based in Torroella de Montgrí, they are dedicated to turning famous people from the world of politics, art, sport or fiction into caganers. Now they are open to the public to give you the chance to paint the typical Catalan peasant Caganer.

We invite you to participate in this painting workshop, just give a personalized touch to your clay figures, can attend both adults and young children, people with and without experience in the world of painting. The workshop session “Caganer Experience” is guided by Salvador Galí, an artist-actor with a great resemblance to the genius of Empordà. After learning about the history of the Caganer from Joan Amades, learning about the process of creating the figures from its sculptor, Marc Alós, and finding out which Caganers are the most successful from Sergi Alós, you will be able to paint the figure and take it home with you.

For more information, you can send an email to has been turning Caganers into famous people from the world of politics, art, sports, digital or fiction for 30 years.

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