Cineclub Montgrí

In this article we would like to show you a different plan near our apartaments, in the Cineclub Montgrí.

A bit of history

Cinema, that seventh art, which has been for years a source of inspiration, stimulus and free rein to imagination and creativity…

As well as the Cineclub, that place that has been the cradle of special evenings with friends, different family plans, romantic first dates and even a moment for oneself… They will always seem to be a good option for a Saturday night.

That is why we present you the Cineclub Torroellenc, born in 1976, it is an entity that has made a name for itself among the prestigious film clubs after being awarded the prize for the best cinema club in Catalonia in 1983.

Do you want to know more about its history? Read this article entitled Per amor al setè art.


Photographs by Claudi Valentí

Cineclub Montgrí programme

Within the weekly programme you can find great titles of the current billboard, with a schedule for each film from Friday to Monday. The selection is very varied, and there are options for all tastes and audiences, even for the youngest ones.

They also have a fortnightly programme offering V.O. (original version) films, which allows film buffs to enjoy the film in its most authentic and reliable projection.

Last but not least, the Cineclub Torroellenc also offers independent and auteur films, as well as documentaries, providing a programme that is different from what you might find in a multiplex cinema.

Here we leave you with the programme for March: Programació Cinema Montgrí 


The Cineclub Montgrí is only 9 minutes by car from our apartments, so you can’t miss it.

Enjoy a unique experience, in a Cineclub that although it has all the latest technology and modernity, takes you back to that time when there were no streaming platforms and there were only a few channels on television, enjoying the cinema moment, if possible, a thousand times more.