Investment plan Torroella de Montgrí – L’Estartit

Find out about the Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit Tourism Sustainability Investment Plan

Torroella de Montgrí and L’Estartit, committed to sustainability and the environment, and favouring the culture and well-being of its residents and visitors, have promoted and developed a Tourism Sustainability Investment Plan.

Torroella de Montgrí – L’Estartit Tourism Sustainability Plan (2021 – 2023)

This plan has been promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, with the participation of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the financial support of the Diputació de Girona. It will make it possible to carry out 29 actions to improve urban areas, infrastructures, services and natural spaces over a period of three years. Ending in 2023, a total investment of 3.6 million euros will be made.

Specific objectives

The following is the first specific objective of this investment plan, out of the 16 main ones.

Specific Objective 1:

“Improve the environment where tourist activity is concentrated, allowing for a qualitative leap in the perception of the destination by visitors. Improve and facilitate accessibility to public spaces, beaches and commercial areas”.

One of the proposals made is a sand square in front of the Sa Gavina flats, and to convert it into an Agility space for high performance dogs, an open-air picnic area and different parking spaces to improve the possibility of parking in the area.

Strategic lines

The proposed actions include the following lines of action:

  1. Improvement of the offer, maintaining the quality of the beaches and bathing areas; the improvement of the urban landscape and creating an accessibility programme, removing architectural barriers and adapting streets, promenades and beaches.
  2. Commitment to sustainability, with a sustainable mobility programme, encouraging recycling and maintaining the seals and brands linked to sustainability and quality of services.
  3. Valorisation of the territory, highlighting the interpretation of the marine landscapes and the seafaring tradition of l’Estartit, with a unified design, as well as a programme for the management and promotion of the Medes Islands area.
  4. Visitor reception, as a relevant fact, and due to the recent trend towards teleworking, the adaptation of an adapted space is offered so that visitors can telework from time to time. Another important technological advance is the integration of l’Estartit in the Smart Destination programme.
  5. Product, promotion and marketing, in which a tourism promotion plan for the natural park is carried out, and the promotion of the Torroella – L’Estartit – Illes Medes destination is reinforced.
  6. Management, Promotion and Participation, which promotes a programme of actions to encourage business and citizen participation.

This investment plan will mean a substantial change for the wellbeing of our clients, their comfort during their stay and their experience in L’Estartit.