torroella pet friendly apartments

Pet friendly apartments in Torroella of Montgrí

Initially, we’ve always thought about having a dog and really enjoy having it at home, but when summer comes, and we want to go on vacation to an apartment in the area that is not Pet Friendly, we are always left wondering what to do with the dog.

You can always be left wondering, what are you going to do with the dog? Some lucky ones have grandparents or relatives at their side, where they can leave him, others look for hotels for the comfort of their dog while they go on vacation.

Pet-Friendly Apartments

In the apartments Sa Gavina we give you another possibility to bring your pet for a supplement of 5 euros per night. So, you can spend your rest time without having to assume that you must be doing your best friend.

In addition, for your comfort in the facilities of Torroella we have a dog park where you can be able their agility skills and a beach around Griells. The parking area is scarce, so it is better to go on foot, as the beach is 14 -11 minutes walk from the apartments. You can also browse through our blog, there are other places that you will surely want to visit.

To sum up, if you want to spend a vacation with comfort of your pet. In these apartments where you can  go at your own way, away from the big city where animals could run. Moreover, children play and can relax a little before returning to the routine. Start making your reservation now.